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This is Pastor Michael Keenan, welcoming you to Old Paths Baptist Church. I hope that you find this web-site enjoyable. We have just relocated our church to 4207 W. Lincoln Hwy in Parkesburg, PA in the ARA Center about 1/2 mile west of Route 10 on Business 30. We hope you can come out and join us at the new facility. Our goal at Old Paths Baptist Church is to provide a place where good old-fashioned preaching can be found. In our day and age, churches that will stick to God’s plan of Bible preaching and Bible living are few and far between. We hope that you will be able to visit Old Paths Baptist Church to find out how it can make a difference in your life. Please come visit us.

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Hebrews 6:12 That ye be not slothful but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises. “Slothfulness is a great consumer of time, you lose not only all the time when duty is omitted, but much of the time in which you perform it while you rid no work, and do it […]

Precious Blood

“The belief(in eternal punishment) is necessary to teach us to make a fit estimate of the price of Christ’s blood, to value sufficiently the work of our redemption, to acknowledge and admire the love of God to us in Christ.” – Bishop Pearson 1 Peter 1:19 But with the precious blood of Christ, as of […]

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